Knocked Up in the 1800s? Have the Guy Arrested!

What is it about the men that some of my female ancestors chose in the late 1800s?

I have written previously about Hattie Isaacs, whose boyfriend was George Permien in 1899. The crass way to put this is that George knocked her up, promised to marry her and then deserted her.

Hattie responded by having George arrested for felony betrayal and then he spent time in jail, as the court case took several months. Hattie ultimately lost the case and their child Geraldine Isaacs was born in Oakland, California June 12, 1899.

Well folks, we have another one. This time the deed was done in New Orleans, Louisiana where Salome Carillon, who is the grandmother of my Dad's cousin Gloria Metzner, was knocked up by Joseph Mott Jr.   Salome had him arrested and charged with abduction for the purposes of prostitution.

Below is one of the newspaper articles from that case.

As you can see, her impregnator was quite the popular fellow as he impregnated ANOTHER woman and quickly married her.

In New Orleans, daughter Pearl was born on June 12, 1893. Salome married John Metzner on February 25, 1894 and he became Pearl's father.

Being a teenage single mother in that era must have been very difficult, even though both Hattie and Salome married another man quite soon after the birth of their daughters.  It did affect them obviously, as both had multiple marriages.

What is it with these guys?  Responsibility was definitely one of their strong points.  They deserved their time in the slammer, just for being so irresponsible and unaccountable.

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  1. Yikes. Men. LOL. They certainly didn't major the right choices ~ the men or the women. ;)