More From Poland About L J Braunhart

My contact in Szubin, who shared the photo of the current building where Carl Braunhart's bicycle shop existed in 1913, sent me some information that he had discovered about our patriarch, Lewin Jacob Braunhart.

In each of these writings, he is referred to as "Loeb", but it indeed is our ancestor.  Please ignore the many misspellings.

In an article about the history of Schubin/Szubin, it is written:

"Another celebrated member of the community was Loeb J. Brannhardt, a teacher (born February 12, 1806, in Szubin) His grandparents came from Prague. He began his studies in the local Talmudic school of Rabbi Nathan Gaon. He continued his studies in Berlin with Rabbi Affa Rosenstein. It is there that he began his secular studies with Zunz and Heinrich Heine. Later he went to England and France. After returning to Szubin he took over as the director of the Jewish municipality's school on May 1, 1835. The future general von Wittach was one of his students. In 1885 he celebrated the 50th anniversary of his career. Soon after he retired."

The second article refers to the Revolution of 1948:

"The revolution of 1848 was also important for Jewish residents of Schubin. In opposition to the Polish insurgents, local Germans and Jews formed a citizens' self-defense. The Protestant church, synagogue and many buildings were hung German flags. Population of the city was divided. City officials became officers and the Jewish teacher Braunhardt was nominated non-commissioned officer. For 6 weeks the Germans were on guard day and night, protecting the city and its surroundings from the attacks of the Poles."

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