Braunharts In Shanghai

For some time period between 1939 and 1950, there were a few Braunharts who escaped the Nazis and traveled to Shanghai, China.  These were Theodor Braunhart, Doris Braunhart (Julius' wife), and Julius and Doris's two children - Lothar and Lilly.

George Gandel, who later married Sara Selma Braunhart, also was in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum has a list of the thousands of Jewish refugees who escaped the Nazi occupation.

Below is a list of the Braunhart and Gandel addresses and occupations while they were in Shanghai:

Theodor Braunhart - 350/137 Chusan Lu - Street Salesman
Lothar Braunhart - 350/137 Chusan Lu - Waiter
Doris Braunhart - 350/137 Chusan Lu - No occupation
Lilly Hoorin - 350/137 Chusan Lu - No occupation
George Gandel - 630 Haimen Lu - Salesman

Lilly was either married (or divorced) at the time to Alexander Hoorin who was a journalist/correspondent.  He does not appear in the database.  Here is a photo of Lilly and Alexander in better days:

Additionally in 1948, Theodor, Doris, Lothar, and Lilly were on the list of "Displaced Persons in Shanghai Registering for Emigration to Canada".  George Gandel was not on this list.  Theodor was identified as a Hatter, Doris as a cook, Lillly as an accountant, and Lothar as a commercial artist and waiter.  It is unknown whether or not they entered Canada.  We do know that Doris, Lothar, and Lilly ended up in San Francisco in the 1950s.  Theodor did not make it to America.  He spent some time in Palestine and went back to Germany to find his wife Lucie, but died of ill health in Germany.

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