Isaac and Carrie Marks Gravestone Found

Thanks to another one of my extended "family" researchers, we have a gravestone photo of my great great uncle Isaac Marks and his wife Carrie Samuels Marks.  It is located at the Hills Of Eternity Cemetery in Colma, California. Scott, who is my connection, got in contact about six months ago after he had found that my great great grandfather, Louis Marks, possibly had a sister name Fanny.

In an earlier post , "New Marks Found - Is Fanny Related?", I discuss that Louis' brother Emil had lived at the home of Fanny Marks Lust and was a close friend to Fanny's husband Simon.  Scott is a descendant of Fanny and Simon, so we are working together to try and prove a connection between Fanny and Louis and Emil.

Scott likes to browse in cemeteries, so was kind enough to look for the Marks family at the Hills of Eternity Cemetery and found Isaac and Carrie's gravestone, took a photo and here it is:

Thank you Scott!

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