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This is a very recent story about working together as family members (no matter how remote) to provide information for one another. Regarding Max Bernstein, the only adult son of my great great grandmother Sara Braunhart Bernstein - I had only found census and city directory info about Max - none other. I surmised that he had died after 1930 somewhere in California, most likely in Alameda County since he had owned a barber shop there (in the city of Alameda) for many years. But I could not find his death info in an obituary or via some of the online databases that I subscribe to.

Voila, Maxine Rudy made some of her old documents available to Robert Weber, who recently scanned them and made them available to me. In those documents was the following newspaper clipping:

Although the clipping is not referenced as to the specific newspaper publisher, we now know that he passed in Lakeport, Lake County. Mere minutes later I searched the California deaths database for 1930 - 1939 and found a Max Bernstein who died in Lake County on September 5, 1932. I subsequently located his obituary in the Oakland Tribune, published on September 9th - so we have found Max!

So to Maxine and Bob - I say thank you.

To everyone else I say please share birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, photos, relevant documents, etc. with those who are doing this research - you never know what will turn up!

Also, please share interesting stories about some of our relatives as I am certainly open to other posters on this blog besides myself.

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