My Dear Departed Mother's Side Of The Family

What follows is a simple pedigree chart showing the families for my Mother's side:

I've had a very difficult time finding out about the immigration and ancestors for my great grandfather John D. Lutgens. I did find out from Voter Registration records that his middle name was not "Delano" as my Mother had told me, but that it was "Diedrich". Also, he often dropped the "s" from his last name - in several San Francisco City Directories, his name was John D. Lutgen. Even with that I have been unable to find his immgration record. In his death certificate, his parents name are listed as "unknown". Oh well, the digging continues.

One other great grandfather, William William Williams, came from Wales and was a miner in the gold fields of California when he came to America. Unfortunately, like many, he came in the later 1850s, after many of the claims were already worked.

He died in an automobile accident in 1906 after the earthquake. The man, who hit him, George Hensley, after I researched him was discovered to have participated in car racing back then. I suspect that the cars weren't very fast, but I wonder if he was speeding when poor William was hit. William died two weeks after the accident. The newspaper clipping follows:

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