Fanny Lust (What a Name!) is my Great Great Great Aunt! Finally!

Years ago, I was contacted by a gentleman, Scott Harris, who thought that we might be related. He had turned up a newspaper article stating that his ancestor, Fanny Lust (what a name!) was possibly related to Louis Marks, my great great grandfather. You see, his brother Emil was drunk and was run over by a train in Oakland, California in 1889, and Fanny handled his estate. I had already accumulated evidence that Emil and Louis were brothers, but had nothing to show that they were indeed related to Fanny.

Later, Scott produced documents that showed that Fanny's maiden name was "Marks" so we were getting closer.

Years past and nothing new had been discovered - until today.

Today I found the obituary for Emil Marks, and in it is shown that Emil and Louis were indeed brothers, AND that his sisters were Mrs. S. Lust and Mrs. I Schudmack.

Well, sports fans - Fanny was indeed married to Simon Lust who was a colleague of Emil throughout the years.

So... we now "know" that Fanny is indeed Louis and Emil's sister, and even better - we have another sister - Mrs. Schudmack to research!

Here is the obituary for your viewing pleasure.

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