4 Generations of Fathers to Thank on Fathers Day

I have been blessed with 4 pretty good men to emulate as fathers in the Marks' line of my family tree. Here they are in succession:

This is my Dad, Robert Joseph Marks (1921 - 1992).  He served in the Marines in World War II in the Pacific.  Although he traveled a lot in his business, he was a terrific role model.  He was a great baseball player, created several designs which were patented, loved fishing, always wanted to help people succeed, and was adored by both of his wives.
And this is my Grandfather, Mervyn Raphael Marks (1896 - 1966).  He started the family business and was an extremely hard worker. He was devoted to his wife, my Grandmother.  He had a terrific sense of humor, loved to fish and was one of the kindest men I have ever known.  I never ever saw him get angry.
My great grandfather, Joseph Marks, was born in 1867 and died in 1919.  He was a bit of a dreamer, and ran vaudeville shows, was a stockbroker, and ran a plumbing company. I am not sure, but as a father/husband, let's say that his son Mervyn excelled where Joseph may have not been as attentive. But that is just conjecture
.Great Great Grandfather Louis Marks was the immigrant who started the Marks family in America.  He was born in 1835 and died in 1888. He originally lived in New York City but spent the majority of his life in San Francisco.  He was a gasfitter and was responsible for several interesting inventions and patents.

Thanks to all four of you for setting such a good example of fatherhood and manhood.

Happy Father's Day!


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