Braunhart Mania Continues

Braunhart Mania began all because of this little guy, Samuel Braunhart, who I was "introduced" to by my Dad's cousin Clyde Pound back in 2004.  When I tracked down Clyde then, he didn't initially remember who I was, but he offered a document that his mother Mynette Heyman had saved, about her great uncle, a politician that served in San Francisco.  Before then, I had never heard the name "Braunhart."

Since that time, dozens of ancestors and relatives named Braunhart have appeared to me.  As a result, I have communicated with Braunhart relatives in Berlin, and  found many descendants in California, New York and New Jersey.  I have also communicated with a gentleman from Szubin, Poland, which when it was Schubin, Germany/Prussia, housed the Braunhart patriarchs and matriarchs in the 1800s up to the early 1920s.

There have been many who served in World War I, both in the American military, as well as the German military. There were several who escaped the Nazis and traveled to Palestine, Shanghai, and England, and tragically three Braunharts who were murdered in the concentration camps.

Have I been obsessed with finding out as much about the Braunharts as I can - YES!  Are there more than two hundred people with Braunhart "blood" - YES!

So Braunhart Mania continues, and I am a much better person because of it.

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