In Honor of Aunt Jeanne

Jeanne Wilma Christensen Marks, my Aunt Jeanne, passed last Sunday, May 16th. Jeanne was married to my Uncle Merv, Mervyn Harvey Marks for 63 years, and had two children - Cheryl Ann Marks, and Donald Mervyn Marks, as well as several grandchildren.

I remember Jeanne as a quiet woman who stayed in the background most of the time - and she was great to me. I remember working along side her and the rest of the Marks family at my Dad and Uncle Merv's eyeglass case factory in Castro Valley, California in the 1950s and 1960s.

Jeanne was born in Oakland in 1926, the daughter of Clarence Christensen and Johanna Arntsen. She had one brother, Donald who died at nearly 8 years old.

She had a stroke almost a decade ago, and her husband moved right next door to the assisted living facility where she was taken care of. He spent nearly every waking hour of every day with her.

For some reason I will remember her smile and her laugh. That is how I will remember her.

Below are a couple of photos. The first is at her daughter Cheryl's wedding in 1963.

The photo below is of Jeanne, her son Donald and her granddaughter Misty:

Rest easy, Aunt Jeanne - your family will miss you.

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