Germany and Poland Family Map

Below is a map of some of the locations where our ancestors were born and resided:

View Germany and Poland Locations in a larger map

A legend of locations and family names follows:

Szubin (also known as Schubin) - Braunhart and Bernstein Families
Chodziez (Kolmar or Chodsiesen) - Raphael Family
Szezecin (Stettin) - Jacob Braunhart born here
Strzelno (Streino) - Helene Baszynzka Braunhart born here
Gostyn - Marks Family
Poznan - Heyman Family
Cottbus - Cecelia Braunhart lived and died here
Krakow - Markheim and Metzner Families
Berlin - Several Braunhart family members lived and are buried here. Several still live here.

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