The Heyman Family - Together Again

Big thanks to "cousin" Laraine Sweberg, who has shared many new "old" photos of family members, some of which are yet to be unidentified. One of these where we have identified the people in the shot is a family photo of the Heymans at an early age. Laraine got many of these photos from her aunt, Regina Sternbach, who had three bags full of old photos.

This photo includes Isidore Heyman and his wife Ernestine Bernstein Heyman, daughter of Sara Braunhart Bernstein. The children in the photo left to right are: Arthur Heyman, baby Wilhelmina (Mynette) Heyman, Celia Heyman (my grandmother), Leo Heyman, and Martha Heyman. The photo was probably taken in 1908. Wilhelmina (the baby) was born in August of 1907, and the photo was taken in Brooklyn. The Heymans relocated to Oakland, California some time in 1910.

And thanks to Clyde Pound, son of the baby in the photo - Wilhelmina (Mynette) Heyman, for authenticating the photo.

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