Braunhart Relatives in Germany Are In Touch!

I have just been contacted by Andrea Braunhart. And the great news is that Andrea lives in Berlin, Germany!

Andrea is the granddaughter of Alexander and Helene Braunhart's son, Philipp. Philipp was married to Else Schmalenbach. Else was not Jewish. They had three children, Horst Braunhart, Gisela Braunhart and Bernhard Braunhart. The Nazis forced Philipp and Else to divorce otherwise the children would have been forced into a concentration camp as Philipp was. As we know from the Shoah records, Philipp was killed by the Nazis.

Andrea will be providing more information at a later date.

Welcome to the family, Andrea! We are very glad that you contacted us!

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  1. This woman's name is Elsa - not Else - and she is my grand mother. She is my father's mother, who is father to 3 children of 3 different mothers. These children are: Jutta Bungs (maiden name Braunhart), Gino Braunhart and Andrea Braunhart.
    Greetings Judy