Kreymborg, Kreyenborg - Who Can Spell Kreimberg?

My great grandmother on my Mother's side was named Carolena Edwardina Kreymborg - her sister was Bertha Kreymborg. They both immigrated to America between 1868 and 1874. They hailed from Vechta, Oldenburg, Germany according to their death certificates. The problem in researching their immigration information is the spelling of their last name!

In Lena's case (sometimes spelled Lina), her death certificate is spelled Kreymborg, her marriage certificate is spelled Kreyenborg, and for two of her daughters the last name of their mother was spelled Krymborg or Krynborg.

Lena as she was known, has her closest immigration record as Lina Kreinberg who came to America, specifically Baltimore, Maryland on June 13, 1874 - from Oldenburg aged twenty. Although her death certificate lists her birth as June 7, 1857, I believe that this is indeed my great grandmother. Lena married John Diedrich Lutgens in 1881, after her first child Mabel Lutgens was born - two years in fact. I don't know if that was rare or common back then, but so be it. She and John had seven children, two boys and five girls. Unusual for the time - all seven grew to adulthood. One of course was my grandmother, Dora Lutgens. Lena died in 1913, while her husband survived for another 31 years.

Bertha, Lena's sister, immigrated to America - also from Vechta, Oldenburg, Germany. Her immigration record, which is much more certain, has her immigrating to Baltimore, Maryland on July 31, 1868, aged 17. This jives much more exactly with her birth date from other records of November 12, 1857. She married Ludwig Tinnemann, most likely in San Francisco. Ludwig had come to New York in 1868, but his immigration record states that his final destination was San Francisco. The 1900 census has them married for 25 years, which translates to a wedding date of 1875. His first occurrence in the San Francisco City Directory was 1869 - hence the deduction of the San Francisco locale for their wedding. They had one son, Otto Tinnemann, born in 1884.

As yet, I have not found Lena in the 1880 census. Bertha is there, with her husband Ludwig - but no luck yet with Lena. I have not been successful as yet finding how long there stay was in Baltimore either. More research to do!


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  2. Hi, we are in Australia, and we spell it Kreymborg.

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