A Braunhart Mother's Day

On this Mother's Day we remember our deceased Braunhart mothers. Some of us knew you and all of us wish we had met you.

Sara Braunhart Bernstein - Mother of Amalie, Ernestine, Cecelia, Hattie, Max and 2 others unknown

Helene Baszynska Braunhart - Mother of Moritz, Jakob, Anna, Martha, Theodor, Carl, Selma, Cecelia, Julius, Philipp, Frieda, Caesar, and one unknown

Anna Braunhart Tulman - Mother of Mildred, Muriel, Stanley, and Helene

Martha Braunhart Sternbach - Mother of Leo, Harold, and Regina

Hedwig Bukofzer Braunhart (Wife of Carl) - Mother of Hanna and Heinz

Ilse Gass Hart (Wife of Jacob) - Mother of Erna, Margaret, and Herbert

Else Schmalenbach (Wife of Phillip) - Mother of Horst, Gisela, and Bernhard

Frieda Braunhart Brunn - Mother of Henry and Miriam

Cecelia Bernstein Markheim - Mother of Arthur, Robert, Minnie, Pauline, Leo, and Edith

Hedwig (Hattie) Bernstein Fried - Mother of Leo

Ernestine Bernstein Heyman - Mother of Celia, Martha, Arthur, Robert, Leo, and Mynette

Unfortunately we do not have photos of the following Braunhart mothers: 

Rosa Levison Braunhart – Mother of Harry

Amalie Bernstein Brock - Mother of Teresa, Regina, and Eric 

Dorka Asch Braunhart (Wife of Julius) - Mother of Lothar and Lilly 

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