1940 Census Update

Well its been one week since the 1940 census was released. How am I doing?

1 parent found, one to go. 50%

2 grandparents found, two to go. 50%

3 great grandparents (the only ones alive) have been found. 100%

A total of 37 census records containing 98 relatives have been found. Out of a total of approximately 400 relatives who were alive at the time of this census - we are sitting at about 25%.

Unfortunately, getting that number drastically higher will require indexes. Without addresses for many of the folks who lived in large cities (e.g. New York, San Francisco, Oakland) browsing through thousands of images is not my idea of fun. In smaller towns, e,g Kent, Ohio, Red Oak, Iowa - when faced with about 6 or 8 Enumeration Districts and an average of 30 to 40 images per ED, that is doable.

But I am determined and impatient - so we will see.

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