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I have to admit that Samuel Braunhart is probably my favorite Braunhart ancestor whom I never met (that leaves out the living and close family - so I can't get in trouble with THAT statement). Anyway, Sam stood up for what he believed in and didn't take any guff from anyone - my kind of guy. With the exception of his stance on the Chinese Exclusion Act in the late 1800s, I would likely agree with most of his positions. Of course he was not alone with his feelings regarding the Chinese laborers and businessmen making and selling goods much more cheaply than their American competitors. At that time it was seen as a real threat to "American" business growth, especially in San Francisco.

In any case, Sam was feisty and didn't back down from anyone. Below is a photo of him as well as an article from "Pen Pictures of our Representative Men", written by Hugh J. Mohan, E. H. Clough, John Paul Cosgrave in 1880.

Read the article and you will see what I mean.

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